Jude Law and Dakota Fanning

Jude Law and Dakota Fanning

It amazes me the similarities in the facial features of Jude Law and Dakota Fanning.



  1. When looking at Jude Law and Dakota Fanning I find the eyebrow arch,lips,nose and the jawline somewhat look alike.I guess as an Aesthetician (who does make up) I look at individual facial features.

  2. hmm. Well, while watching a film on Showtime starring Jude Law, I realized he reminded me of Dakota Fanning. I Googled, “Why does Dakota Fanning Look like Jude Law” and this site came right up. Obviously THEY DO look a like or I would have never had this site as a result. However, the picture of Dakota Fanning above DOESN’T look like Dakota. lol. So that is just a bad example. : )

  3. I love them both, and I just realised, watching “The Young Pope”, that they look alike. Pleased that someone else noticed the same.

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